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Olive Crest’s proven model helps prevent abuse and neglect, stops the cycle of child abuse, and enables children and families to become healthy productive citizens.

Child Abuse Stops Here®


Every day, God is using churches just like ours to make a lasting impact in the lives of children. Olive Crest has the experience and resources necessary to mobilize God's Family to care for kids, restore strong families, and break cycles of neglect and abuse. 

Why are we partnering with Olive Crest?


Caring for children in our community together. 

I want to learn more...

You are a blessing. Thank you! 

Meet spiritual and practical needs through prayer, encouragement, and financial support. 

Join a team of friends to wrap a family with love, acting as an extended family...God's family. 

Welcome a child into your home, providing the stability, safety, and belonging every child deserves. 



Everyone can do something. 
What's your something?

How you can help. 


North Coast Calvary Chapel is saying yes to caring for at-risk and vulnerable children. Sign up to be a part of this vital ministry!